Alliance Contracting And Trust In An Evolutionary Perspective


In this paper we will identify the contract dimensions of alliance contracts directed at joint development of new products or services. We will determine to what extent these contract dimensions are adaptable to future needs and insights. We will also provide insight into the contingency of these adjustable contract dimensions upon competence trust, the build-up of alliance experience and cooperation intensity. The results demonstrate that the adaptability of the risk and revenue distribution lags behind the adjustability of other critical contract dimensions like the scope definition, determining the input of assets and the anticipated efforts of alliance partners. This contrast in adaptability can result in an early demise of alliances. On the other hand there is evidence that alliances create such a dependency that alliances, especially those directed at joint development, tend to create a lock-in or prisoner dilemma.

Een artikel van Ben Alders, Gerard Berendsen en Ineke Pieters, gepubliceerd in Proceedings of the 11th International CINet Conference, 2010