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Exploring the Utility of a Multi-level Collaboration Modeling Framework

There are current pressures to seek innovative solutions to problems associated with environmental sustainability, and in this context, it is likely that SMEs will have to collaborate with a wider variety of specialist partners. Three Dutch universities joined with an Australian and Swedish University to compare their experience in this context, and planned a research project to address potential barriers and opportunities. One of the project goals was to implement techniques to foster effective collaboration in joint innovation projects. In this paper we consider a particular reference modeling framework (ARCON) as a candidate tool to both plan projects and identify some emergent issues. Some observations about the utility of the framework and supplementary matters of agency and participant experience are made.

Een publicatie van Gerard Berendsen (HAN) en Ronald C. Beckett (University of Western Sydney, Australia) in ANZAM 2010 (Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management).

Bron: TQC