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Success and Effect Diagram: Quality Improvement Is Not Just For Problems

20 juli 2011

Too often, organizations ignore successes while they focus on problems that need immediate attention. Quality improvement tools and techniques are used extensively to solve problems, but those same methods can also be used to analyze successful processes. Understanding successful processes can give a management team insight on how to improve other processes and continually improve the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.
What are the attributes of a successful process?
Over the years, as we have come across successful processes, we have asked stakeholders to identify what they considered to be key factors contributing to success. We have collected the following list of attributes of successful processes. This is not an all-inclusive list, but you can use it to start analyzing your own successful processes.
•    Efficient—The process produces the required output at minimum resource cost (“doing the right things right”).
•    Effective—The process does what it is supposed to do and produces outputs that conform to stated requirements.

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