Growth and the Finite Earth - Wim Smit

In memoriam Wim Smit

In the past decades mankind slowly became more aware of the finity of the earth. Fossil energy carriers and many raw materials are used in such a pace that somewhere in the 21st century a shortage and even scarcity of many materials will occur. Moreover, many nations and countries in the Far East developed with such high growth numbers that they draw basically growth away from the Western world and Japan. Also, a growing inequality was seen in the last three decades in all the countries which adopted neo-liberal policies.
With the recent financial crisis originated in the USA and a very fast expanding financial sector, which developed all kinds of innovative products and services, the global interconnections became clearly visible between the various nations and countries in the world. Many relations exist in this global network showing on one side the complexity of the global society and on the other side the implicit chaos if one or more nodes in this network operate in a selfish way and/or neglect the relations with the nodes in their direct neighbourhood.

First version, prepared at the request of Prof. Kensei Hiwaki.

Wim Smit, januari 2011