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New ISO standard aims to build confidence in the global carbon market

3 augustus 2011

A new International Standard detailing the level of competency required by those responsible for verifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been published. It is the latest addition to ISO’s toolbox of standards for addressing climate change and supporting emissions trading schemes.

With a growing global awareness of the need for environmental protection and sustainability, organizations are eager to demonstrate their efforts to inventory, report, and reduce GHG emissions. In order to assure the credibility of their claims, many of these organizations are turning to third-party bodies to validate and verify emission assertions.

ISO 14066: 2011, Greenhouse gases – Competence requirements for greenhouse gas validation teams and verification teams, spells out the competence requirements of the personnel undertaking the various validation or verification activities within the team appointed for the task. It is intended to achieve consistency in the global carbon market and maintain public confidence in GHG reporting and other communications.

ISO 14066 is the latest document in the ISO toolbox of standards to address climate change and GHG emissions. These were launched in 2006 with ISO 14064, a three-part standard for assessing GHG emission reduction projects in either voluntary or regulatory schemes.

The standard was followed by ISO 14065, which gives accreditation requirements for organizations that validate or verify resulting GHG emission assertions or claims.

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