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Circular Economy Symposium - about Circular Economy (CE) concepts and business process (re-)design

Datum: 12 jun 2014 van 14:30 tot 19:30
Locatie: Hanzehogeschool Groningen

The opportunity to broaden your network to achieve a sustainable business

This symposium is an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience with Circular Economy (CE) concepts and business process (re-)design between professionals, municipalities, educators, researchers and students. It will provide a platform to learn and understand a variety of Circular Economy techniques. Moreover, it will give the opportunity to broaden networks and the chance to share your CE practices and solutions with other guests of the symposium.

The Circular Economy is inspired by nature; the concept that nothing should be wasted and everything can and will be (re)used. The waste of one output can be the input for another. By looking at the production chains, waste, used materials and end products, we can identify potential materials and optimize their usage to reduce the need for raw materials. To apply Circular Economy concepts, systems have to be changed from linear to circular.
The Circular Economy Symposium 2014, will make an initial step towards reaching that goal.

Negen sprekers houden een presentatie, waaronder Gerard Berendsen over ´Collaborative innovation for creating multiple values´.

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